you walk on my life by accident..i hope you stay on PURPOSE.. :j

am not the silly romantic you think. i dont want the heavens or the shooting stars..i dont want gemstones or gold..i have those things already.
i want a steady hand..a kind soul. i want to fall asleep, && wake..knowing my heart is safe. i want to love..&& be loved.

i may not be perfect..but I AM all i can be && much more if you let me show you..i've been bruised, been dragged to hell && left there, and dug myself out..i've been through enough to know enough..xo tell me do you still want to know me?

i know i said tat it hurt too much to love you..but i was wrong about tat..the truth is, it hurts too much NOT to love you.

i closed the chapter on tat part of my life..i would like to tell you tat i didnt like the end.

at some point, i have to make a decision..boundaries dont keep other people out..they fence me in!
life is messy..tat's how i am made.


Anonymous said...

Love. That makes life wonderful and meaningful!!! The sparkles!!!

beautiFOOL said...

Love: a matter of understading
And the first step to understanding someone is to realize that you cannot...