back homie '09

the hiatus is over. i just arrived from the former planet Pluto..&& i still have a jet lag.
geeez! my stay there was awesome! the aliens were very friendly && jocular. they even taught me something about jaguars: tat they may be silent..but they can be deadly. ö

arrgh! people never change.

dya know of something tat could make famous personalities unnoticed && anonymous? like using a sobriquet when their names are on the bulletin board? or stealing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak perhaps? duhh! whatever.

i just want tiz feeling to vanish without a trace. i really hate it when people would come near me when they only need something from me..like copying assignments? nahh! too common. but, it’s true. ü
&& i hate it more when they happen to know my name..what's in a name anyway? ohh..well. I HATE PUBLICITY.

&& what would they do when i deviate from their plans?
of course..the usual: gossip about me, murmur words of dislike, exaggerating stories, && HATE ME FOR THE REST OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES! haha
[[ang saya noh?!]] imagine tat kind of life. ö

sometimes i wondered how i survived in tiz hopeless world..or maybe i am the one hopeless.
whatever the case may be..it will not change the fact tat there is at least one party which is hopeless. haiee..xo, how do i deal wit those kind of homo sapiens?? hummm..easy!
just compare me wit a jaguar. silent, but deadly. ö

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beautiFOOL said...

Go jaguar! prove 'em wrong! but you can always choose to blame your circumstances on fate, or bad luck, or bad choices... or you can fight back.
Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world. that's just the way it is.