another ordinary day.

i woke up today, not knowing of what i should do first..confused, i hurried to the comfort room for my morning routine..today is the fourth working day of the week. i am supposed to get hold of something yesterday..but then wa ra..geta pulan ra ku..hihi. betao, na busy kus household chores..hummm

after dressing up..i had lunch wit my Pinky..hummm! seems like an average day for me. twas when i checked myself on the mirror tat i knew i had to go out. wit my Pinky, i walked my way down the street for a ride. i can smell the smelly afternoon air..though it isnt akin to tat of my homeland..still it's a breeze tat adds up to the excitement. am starting to feel from my inside..the moment i stepped my foot on the jeepney, i knew i have to go there..to where i own something.

sure, there was tiz traffic thing..rushing vehicles wit people coming from && going to dissimilar directions..pollution can only stink my fabric conditioned clothes, && the clamour adds up the heat of the urban atmosphere.

i cant wait to get there! there must be something wrong wit the traffic lights..they’re always red. :l

i kinda like hope clock would stop ticking && tat i would still make it through the day..tat the person waiting would be patient enough to bide me. time's wasted. i cant help it! i need to make use of my day..am xoo temperamental. yes? arrgh
tiz is xo wasted. i need to stop pressing these keys..i have to focus on my intention. STOP!
haiee..finally. am here..wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

grabeha bsan naay laag, blog ghapon...