the irony..

life is undoubtedly ironic. && xo is love?
she would sometimes tell me tat she wanted to cry for no reason at all..but the truth is, she knows why. Denial Queen ang drama ne ate! xo ironic..&& xo the feeling of crying goes on for monthsss..until something came up.

i've watched her gradually becoming weak && out of sync. she seemed xo out-of-tiz-world..until my other friends told me tat her life's "on the rocks".)
i really didnt know what happened..but it seems more like it. tsk. tsk. tsk! haiee..

i dont want to tell her "i-told-you-xo" but.. "see? i told you..",) gahe jedd ug skull si ate aiee!
anyway, i just wanted her to be happy && contented..i hope tat she would find a rare jewel in her special someone's hands because my intuition tells me tat: cause ya'r a god && i am not..&& i just thought tat you would know..

my point is, come on grrl..you need a break!

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AnnieSwine said...

btw teh...u need a break. chill...ari ta Austria. pngpabugnaw sa utok. ;)