what's special wit ♥'s day?

Valentine's day is here!
lately, i've been hearing love songs-–wedding songs to be exact–-on the radio..&& i absolutely hated these moments of thrill for tat's when i am hanging in midair.
i hate surprises..but not?
but the thing is..those songs were telling me in advance tat someone is getting married or having a baby perhaps..am not sure. arrgh!
who could it be? hummm..there's only one way to find out..haha!

anyhow [[lagput na pud ang topic dahh..haha]], tiz question has been running thru my head for almost a century already: what's wit heart's day??

Valentine's day dont even have the exact history.
you see, tiz day is neither St. Valentine's burial nor death..some claim tat the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine's feast day in the mid of February in an effort to "christianize" celebrations of the Pagan..&& many other histories.

besides, it's just a Catholic && Roman celebrations..we're NOT part of it. i mean, am not part of it..hihi :p
&& i can always celebrate heart's day.. \m/

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AnnieSwine said...

yea!! evryday is Vday!!!! <3