privacy. puhleeze?

being tambai's been quite fun && sometimes, boring..most of my time's been spent wit friends, && my Dork.
sorry if i still havent been updating regularly..haiee..ohh && by the way, i appreciate how you guys have been very into my blog && everything..but am hoping y'all know where to draw the line? am happy to share mostly everything wit you guys..but there are also things i'd like to keep private. like i share secrets wit my family tat i'd like some of my friends to respect && vice versa..more importantly, there are alooot of things tat you DO NOT know about me..&& i dont think you will ever get to understand me completely..xo i would really appreciate it if some of you would stop invading my personal space.

hummm..tiz is my personal outlet in the virtual world, isnt it? xo i am pretty much allowed to do whatever i please.
i dont wish to offend anybody in doing tiz..but if ever i did, then i apologize. if you have been a consistent reader..you'd notice tat sometimes i find it hard to hit the brakes..i rarely go back to check && edit what i've written because free writing is fun!
xo there..point it out to me if necessary..but otherwise, just keep in mind tat am not claiming to be perfect. am just a bitch wit opinions tat may not match yours. i do not force you to come here && read what i wrote..but whenever you leave comments here..i dont wanna read trashy comments. read a book. maybe you'd learn not to speak up if you havent got anything nice to say..tiz isnt yar journal..everything you say gets sent to my inbox. xo puhleeze..

tengkyu. ü

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