never too old to learn..

i've learned a lot.

i've learned tat everything does happen for a reason.
i've learned tat everyone i've met has helped me to grow && learn in some way..whether they have been there as support, or to make my life a living hell. it still helped me learn. ü
i've learned to just accept the things tat are given to me in life..&& not question things too much.
i've learned not to take things too seriously because it just stresses a person out too much.
i've learned to accept certain things..suck it up, kept my head up, && continue on wit life as if nothing happened..like it didnt bother me at all. i learned tat i had to change tat sentence because if you pretend tat nothing happened..you will never learn from yar mistakes.
i've learned tat you have to make mistakes in order to learn from them..
i've learned tat you cant depend on anyone else but yarself. xo in the end, all you really have is YOURSELF.

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