exhale the bullshit of 2011. inhale the goodshit of 2012.

well 2011..am gonna say goodbye to all of the laughs i shared, the tears i cried, memories i made, the people i lost, the friends i found, the hugs i gave, the kiss i shared, the hands i held, the pictures i took, the hot summer days, the nights wit the neighborhood kids, the water fights, the moments i was mad when i shouldve been happy, the moments i was crying when shouldve been laughing, && the moments tat took my breath away.
2011: a year of disappointments && a year of firsts.. ö

hummm..2012? tiz had better not be a year of disappointments. am expecting a good year..
i want tiz one to be filled wit love, laughs, not tears, more memories, more friends, summer nights, new experiences, && much more! 2011 almost took me down..but i was strong enough to get back up. :p
2012, GOOD LUCK! ← am gonna need tat. *fingers crossed* XD

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