the fading music

features often calm
cold as ice
depths of sorrow
marred in his eyes

he had a look about him
as the show's about to start
she waited wit bated breath
as they began to unfold their part

songs have come to life
wit the strum of his guitar
wit music on cue
he's looking every bit a rockstar

plucking each string
he began his song
quite surprisingly
i started to sing along

he played for love
tat’s old && new
a soulful tune
became me && you

he played along for love
tat made him swoon
he played differently
on love gone too soon

flared up wit passion
he increased the tempo
segueing to a sour note
now he's doing a solo

but all i wanted
was for him to stick around
now am finding myself alone
wit a different ground

i wonder now
if he was playing for me
or for love tat's yonder
a distant melody

he played for thoughts
he's willing to say
i tried to listen
but the music is fading away..

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