the wind blows..

yesterday, i saw someone who resembles a lot like you. weird, huh? && it's not the first time. everywhere i go..i seem to see you, remembering you..but it's not like am trying to forget you..it's just tat..it'll just make me miss you more..
&& every time i do..everything inside me go crazy, including my heartbeat. ya'r indeed my Kryptonite. >.< "ya'r always there. ya'r everywhere. but right now.. naaah.."—Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne.
then memories came flashing in, making me smile, reminisce the good old days now gone..maybe in another life, i'd be yar girl && i'd make you stay. [[sounds familiar? yea. tat's Katy Perry's The One That Got Away]] but for now, i wanna grow up first. perhaps learn from other people's experiences first.

after i saw tat guy, who looks a lot like you..i mean, the style..i cant help but smile && look away..cause my heart's going crazy again, no matter how much i tried to compose myself..when he's around, everything would just be different.
funny, but i dont know why. if someone asks me what did i see in you tat made me love you xo much? i just smile && say, "i dont know.. not anymore".
i loved you. i just do. but if i fall in love again with someone new..it can never be the way i loved you. maybe not as of tiz very moment, maybe not sooner. but in time, am gonna love tat someone a lot better than i loved you. as they say && i believe, "experience is the best teacher". yep!

tat faded image..


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Like it... :-)

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I love this