she spent years staying 4 steps ahead waiting && 2 steps behind watching— that is the key to her survival.
thirtieth of July will mark 3 years.. and she was able to keep herself intact. everyone has different techniques. [[mazel tov! this calls for celebration!]]
&& all these years did you really think she wasn't paying attention? she caught herself smiling again at what she imagine. she wonder what will happen the next time they will be together again.. and even though neither of them know what the future holds, she knew she just wants her story be told once life catches up on her. she's gonna tell you her story, but she is not going to start with, "once upon a time.."

for now, the characters of her life were mostly played by her, because she knew that no one else could be that bad of an actress.
let's hope for another 10 years at max.. that will take her to 36. hihi. this will prolly only makes sense to those who knew her && what she had been through..

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